Villamblard, 15 June 2020

The PostgreSQL Remote Control temBoard 6.0 is released now! Including PostgreSQL 12 support, automatic schema upgrade, Debian Buster support and more.


Automatic schema upgrade

A new command temboard-migratedb is provided to handle temBoard database upgrade. As of 6.0, this database - called repository - is versionned. temBoard refuses to start with an outdated database. This new feature eases upgrades and reduces risks.

Upgrading to 6.0 requires a specific operation documented in CHANGELOG. You are strongly encouraged to migrate to 6.0!

PostgreSQL 12

PostgreSQL 12 support started in 5.0. From now on, the support is full, including configuration subtilities. temBoard is now continuously tested with PostgreSQL 12.

Configuration and agent uninstallation

temBoard agent now ships a script to uninstall a single agent setup. The scripts refuses to overwrite an existing configuration. This change prevent you for error when installing several agent on same host.

And more…

This release ships various fixes and improvements including Debian Buster packages, searching configuration file in working directory, better error messages and other aspects of temBoard UI and agent behaviour.

Pierre GIRAUD, Étienne BERSAC and Denis LAXALDE are main developers of temBoard, a Dalibo Labs project.


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