Nantes, 23 September 2022

pg_activity is a top like command line tool for PostgreSQL server activity monitoring.

The 3.0.0 version has just been released. It includes a new header, a few new parameters, bug fixes and the ability to use the tool without the SUPERUSER privilege.

Many thanks to all the contributors.

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Hint message and debug information

pg_activity now displays hint messages when some information is not displayed for one reason or another. The --debug-file option has also been added to ease development, but remains unused as of now.

SUPERUSER is no longer required

The SUPERUSER is no longer required to use pg_activity. Please note that the information displayed will be limited to what the user is allowed to see in PostgreSQL.

More information in the header

The header part of pg_activity as been extended to include more information.

PostgreSQL 14.5 - benoit-dalibo - postgres@/var/run/postgresql:5435/postgres - Ref.: 2s -
 * Global: 31 minutes uptime ⋅ 14.73G dbs size - 0B/s growth ⋅ - cache hit ratio
   Sessions: 2/100 total ⋅ 1 active ⋅ 1 idle ⋅ 0 idle in txn ⋅ 0 idle in txn abrt ⋅ 0 waiting
   Activity: 3 tps ⋅ 0 insert/s ⋅ 0 update/s ⋅ 0 delete/s ⋅ 0 tuples returned/s ⋅ 0 temp files ⋅ 0B temp size

The Global section displays general instance information. It gives an overview of the activity and the temporary file usage in addition the information provided previously. The database size and temporary file information requires special privilege. If the requirements are not met, the information will not be displayed. The temporary file query can be long if the number of file is huge, therefore the query can be disabled at runtime if it exceeds 400ms.

Two new options have been added to control the measures:

  • --no-tempfiles can be used to disable temporary file measures and is useful on RDS. It’s now included in the --rds option.
  • --no-walreceiver can be used to disable WAL receiver query and is useful on Aurora where the feature is not implemented.

The visibility of this section can be changed with the i key or in the command line with --no-inst-info.

 * Worker processes: 0/8 total ⋅ 0/4 logical workers ⋅ 0/8 parallel workers
   Other processes & info: 0/3 autovacuum workers ⋅ 0/10 wal senders ⋅ 0 wal receivers ⋅ 0/10

The Worker processes section displays the process count when it’s available.

The visibility of this section can be changed with the o key or in the command line with --no-proc-info.

 * Mem.: 7.36G total ⋅ 3.00G (40.78%) free ⋅ 2.14G (29.05%) used ⋅ 2.22G (30.16%) buff+cached
   Swap: 15.03G total ⋅ 15.03G (100.00%) free ⋅ 0B (0.00%) used
   IO: 0/s max iops ⋅ 0B/s - 0/s read ⋅ 0B/s - 0/s write
   Load average: 0.15 0.22 0.23

The system section as been updated to give more information including both sizes and percentages. This section requires access to the data_directory GUC, the file and the stats themselves. They can be disabled.

The visibility of this section can be changed with the s key or in the command line with --no-sys-info.

Other new command line options

The --refresh option can be used to configure the refresh rate from the command line.


The man page has been updated to describe all these changes and provides more general information.


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