Chambéry, 28 September 2020

A new version 7.0 of temBoard is available. It includes a brand new statements plugin! We hope you will like it.

Statements plugin

The most important addition in this release is the statements plugin.


This plugin will retrieve and store data collected by the agent with the pg_stat_statements view. This view gives statistical information about the SQL statements that are executed on the server. What temBoard does is retrieving this information regularly. It’s then possible to show how those statistics evolved over time in the UI. For example one may want to know if calls on a given database have increased in the last 24 hours. If yes what were the most executed statements during this period of time?


In the above example, you can clearly see the important gain in hit blocks after upgrading temBoard agent on an instance we monitor. See maintenance plugin performance improvements below.

Please note that you’ll need to activate the pg_stat_statements module on the server you are monitoring. See documentation

Performance improvements

Home page

If you were using temBoard with a lot of instances, you may have encountered performance issues when displaying the home page. It shouldn’t be the case anymore. Less requests are made and detailed info is only shown for the first instances in the list.

Maintenance plugin

On agent side, SQL queries to get information about tables, indexes, bloat and toast have been improved. As of now they are much faster and use much less buffers or temporary files.

Date range picker

The same UI component is now used in any view where the user can pick a range of dates.

It now allows users to choose if they want the page to auto refresh after a chosen delay. Refresh can also be achieved manually.

This component will be familiar to grafana users.

TemBoard date range picker

PostgreSQL 13

Even if PostgreSQL 13 has been released very recently, we did some tests and fixes to make temBoard ready to work with this new version.

Upgrade from 6.x

Please make sure you follow the instructions available in the documentation.

Pierre GIRAUD, Étienne BERSAC and Denis LAXALDE are main developers of temBoard, a Dalibo Labs project.


DALIBO est le spécialiste français de PostgreSQL®. Nous proposons du support, de la formation et du conseil depuis 2005.