Chambéry, 10 October 2019

PEV2 (the plans graphical vizualizer) can be used in differents ways.

Storing My Plans? No Thanks!

In the previous article we mentioned that PEV2 could be used at

This service stores the plans in a database so that you can share them with others. If for any reason (security, anonymity, …) you don’t want plans to be sent on the web, you might be interested in a serverless version.

A standalone application running only on the browser is automatically deployed from the github repo and is available at

Bonus: you can install this application locally for yourself. See Contributing.

PEV2 For The Developers

When I started working on PEV2, not only did I want to give PEV a new life, the goal was also to isolate the graphical plan visualizer and make it a reusable component that could be integrated in any tool or application (web frameworks debug toolbars or PostgreSQL monitoring tools).

The Plan component can be used in any VueJS application. See Readme for a complete example.

Here’s also an up-to-date codesandbox demo showing how to import PEV2 in a VueJS application.

I’d be pleased to hear your thoughts about this. If you plan to integrate PEV2, please let me know.

And don’t forget that you can use PEV2 by building the example application. See Contributing.

What’s Next?

In the next blog post, we’ll do a complete tour of the different features. Stay tuned.


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