Paris, 17 November 2023

temBoard is a tool for administering and monitoring PostgreSQL instances.

The temBoard development team announces the release of temBoard 8.2. This maintenance release fixes errors in deployment and in the interface, improves compatibility with v7.11 agents, increases interface security and prepares the transition to the future version 9.0.


Various fixes

In the new debian package of temBoard 8.1, the .service file of systemd was missing, this is fixed. 8.1 packages have errors in the uninstall scriptlets, used in update by rpm and dpkg. temBoard 8.2.1 fixes package update and uninstallation. You can now edit an instance whose agent is offline. When editing an instance, the list of active plugins is correctly read from the agent to coordinate UI and agent functionality per instance.

When should I restart PostgreSQL?

Some PostgreSQL parameters require a restart for the new value to be taken into account. Without this, there is an inconsistency between the configuration and the state of the instance. Each instance administration page now displays a warning banner if the instance needs to be restarted.

Dashboard of an instance with the necessary restart banner

Extended Compatibility

temBoard UI 8.2 supports offline agent registration v7. The HTTP Content-Security-Policy header is configured to avoid dependency on browser defaults or HTTP proxies. Packages for Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy) are available.

Transition to Environments

In the future version 9.0 of temBoard, we plan to replace the concept of instance group by that of environment. The main difference is that an instance belongs to only one environment. Also, unlike the group of instances, a single group of users will have access to an environment. This semantic change paves the way for the return of observer access to instances.

We already recommend to configure a group of instances as an environment. Version 8.2 helps you do this by indicating instances belonging to several instance groups and instance groups administered by several user groups. GitHub ticket #1283 goes into more details on this subject and asks for your feedback.

And more…

This version has no less than 120 commits. Some other changes make temBoard 8.2.1 a stable and reliable version. Follow the detailed changes page for more details.


For existing installation, please follow upgrade documentation. Otherwise follow the installation documentation to install temBoard from an RPM or DEB package or from source.

temBoard is free software maintained by Dalibo.


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