Villamblard, 11 September 2023

temBoard allows you to administer and monitor your PostgreSQL fleet.

Dalibo announces the release of temBoard 8.1. This maintenance version corrects some update errors, is more resilient to a PostgreSQL restart, improves the CSV inventory functionality, and includes other stability, performance, and security fixes.


Various Fixes

The statements and maintenance features correctly detect a loss of connection to the managed PostgreSQL instance. As a result, temBoard 8.1 agent is more resilient to a PostgreSQL restart, requiring fewer agent restarts.

For added security, temBoard disables deprecated cryptographic algorithms, following the recommendations of the Mozilla Foundation.

CSV Inventory Enhancements

The CSV inventory, introduced in temboard 8, receives several fixes and a new column with instance comments. The export of the PGDATA column is fixed and now without quotes.

New Debian Package

The UI package undergoes some changes. temBoard UI now depends on the psycopg2 package provided by Debian. As the virtualenv technology is obsolete for delivering virtual environments, the new Debian package internally includes certain dependencies.

PostgreSQL 16

temBoard 8.1 is tested with PostgreSQL 16rc1, both as a database for temBoard UI and as an instance managed by the agent.


Support for Debian stretch has been removed, as announced in 8.0. temBoard 8.1 supports Python 3.11. Support for Python 2.7 is still deprecated and not guaranteed. temBoard works better with Python 3.6 and onwards up to Python 3.11.

  • temBoard UI 8.1 works with temBoard Agent 7.11 and higher.
  • temBoard Agent 8.0 works with temBoard UI 8.0 and higher.

And More…

Log coloring has been revised to adapt to light terminals. Some 500 errors in agent were not logged, this has been fixed. Find more fixes in the changelog documentation and other project pages:


Follow the installation documentation to install temBoard from source, an RPM package, or a DEB package based on your distribution.

temBoard is open-source software maintained by Dalibo Labs.


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