Paris, 15 July 2019

Release of temBoard 4.0, the powerful PostgreSQL management tool developed inside Dalibo Labs! Let’s find out its main new feature… alerting.


New feature: Alerting

From now on the users have the opportunity to be informed without being connected as soon as a problem is detected by the monitoring probes. The new Supervision plugin has Notification features which make the database and the system administrators receive notificatons by SMS or email on state changes.

More about the alerting plugin.

And more…

Many other improvements and bug fixes are included, among which:

  • Support for reindex on table and database ;
  • Support for analyze/vacuum for database.

More about this version’s CHANGELOG.

temBoard is a Dalibo Labs project. It is mainly developed by Julien Tachoires, Étienne Bersac and Pierre Giraud.


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