Paris, November 9th 2017

From now on, PostgreSQL community will offer a RPM package repository for SUSE SLES 12 distribution on This new repo contains packages for version 9.5, 9.6 and 10 of PostgreSQL, as well as multiple associated tools such as pgAdmin4, PostGIS, etc.

For years, PostgreSQL community offered official DEB packages for Debian and Ubuntu via and RPM packages for RedHat and centOS on

This additional SLES repo contains almost every package one can find on the YUM repo: versions 10, 9.6 and 9.5 are supported as well as about a hundred additionnal pieces of software and tools: for instance, tools produced or supported by Dalibo such as pgBadger, PoWA, emaj, HypoPG and pg_activity.

The complete list of tools is available here:

To use these SLES repos, you can rely on this “How To”.

These new packages and this SLES repo are maintained by Devrim Gündüz, with support of EnterpriseDB. We all thank him a lot for all the work he has done to offer RPM packages to the PostgreSQL community.


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